Abrands A/S

Competence driven organisation with merchant values at its core

As an active part of a market characterised by change, flexibility and a willingness to change are vital. Our sales team is driven by its business acumen competencies and has literally grown up next to a cash register. In addition, every member of our team has a merchant background or business education, which means that our partners can rest assured that all members of our staff are familiar with both sides of the Danish retail sector.  

Modern and integrated form of cooperation

Cooperation with our partners is based on sound retail trade concepts and business models such as Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), which focuses on the significant potential found in a closer cooperation between supplier and retailer. In other words, we deliver an integrated form of cooperation that meets consumer needs better, faster and cheaper.  

A well-established part of the Danish retail sector

A Brands naturally has the necessary permits from public authorities and other organisations to operate in the market. In addition, through our membership in the Danish Association of Suppliers of Consumer Goods (DLF), we possess significant influence over the Danish retail market.   

Retail Facility House

We service the entire retail value chain through our Retail Facility House. This unique business strategy guarantees brands an optimal and financially beneficial path through the entire value chain. The aim is to secure a positive bottom line for all involved parties on the way to consumers' shopping trolleys.